How to be an artist and being your own band. Ethan has spent his life making music and is a booking agent at Midnight Mango. We discuss music and how to navigate the set-backs all artists face in their careers, why being comfortable with yourself and the outcome is important and watching others succeed around you.

Ethan Proctor from Bridges is, simply put, a good guy. His outlook is very matter of fact, I'd say if I didn't know any better, a 'realist'. We talk pop music, marketing, image, social media, touring and feeling like a 'guitarist'. It was an absolute pleasure to have him on the show, I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed talking to him!

Note: I was extra 'sweary' in this for some reason, apologies if this causes any offence


The truth about touring, good and bad and pay-to-play. I talk with Deaf Havana about being on the road at the start of their tour, supported by Black Foxxes and Decade. Tom and I talk about music, live sound, travelling city to city across the globe and the differences between touring 'back in the day' and now. 

It's been 10 years since Tom and I first met and so seeing him and chatting to him face to face was a joy for me, I got to see some old friends and make this episode for the show, can't be bad! Tom isn't afraid to talk about the things that grate on him when it comes to pay to play, songwriting and performance.  It's about energy, not hitting every single note perfectly.


Building on what was there before and doing things for the right reason. Rory and I go back a way, around 7 or 8 years actually. He is an incredibly talented drummer, drumming in The Bronze Medal and The Ishmal Ensemble, his style is considered and impressive. We talk about a lot of things from his uncle being the drummer in Echo and the Bunnymen, to the difference in the creative process between both projects.

Currently working on a new album with The Bronze Medal and playing live shows with The Ishmal Ensemble, Rory has his hands (and feet) full, it was fascinating to learn more about his love for music and rhythm.


Co-writing, confidence and being creative. Luke is from a different world to me and travels the world writing with other artists and producers. We talk about expectations from the industry, how to collaborate successfully and how supportive roles in music can really make or break a career.  

I’m so thankful to have had this chat and I’m really pleased I get to share it with you! 


Experience and confidence, me and Robin talk about how he fell in love with music production and how went about learning how to play and record songs. 

It's a fantastic talk and I'm thrilled to have him on the show, I hope you enjoy the episode as much as I enjoyed recording it. SORRY it's a day late, I have been a little bit poorly and will try really hard to get back on top of things! Thanks for sticking with me!

Anyway, enjoy! 


Discovery, identity and the music press. Me and Lee talk about becoming the character that's presented to you, how that can be destructive both perosnally and professionally and why a change in motivation has led Viva Brother to release their second album now, six years after it was recorded. 

This conversation means a lot to me. I've known about Lee since I started out in music and when Brother came about, I felt like something was off. They were a great band but I felt like what I was seeing, wasn't the Lee I'd bumped into in the past. We talk it out and in the process learn how difficult finding your identity can be when there are so many external pressures. We also talk about how much fun being in a band is and the opportunities Viva Brother were given.

A truly inspiring talk and I hope you enjoy it!


Loss, Life and humanity. I talk to Joe from IDLES about what it means to be honest and have a human connection with his audience and how to stay in a place of raw honesty when writing. Joe is not afraid to say what he thinks and while he has insecurities just like everyone else, he is a master at embracing it.

IDLES are having a fantastic year. Selling out shows, a debut album and supporting Foof Fighters at the request of Dave Grohl can't be bad! Their body of work to date is thought provoking, aggressive yet kind, and at times - uncomfortable. 

This band is truly unique, and after talking with Joe, it's not difficult to understand why. 


Finding your niche, changing things up and being invited to play Glastonbury Festival at the request of Michael Eavis. Me and Rhys go way back and we talk a lot about playing in a band together (Pylo), what we've learned from past experiences and how to use past failures as lessons so you don't fall into the same traps again and again. 

At one point I think this conversation became a kind of therapy for me, and depsite being in a band together, it's probably the longest and most in-depth conversation Rhys and I have ever had! It was a lot of fun and I think both of us found it nerve-racking as we had seen eachother for years! I hope you enjoy and definitely check out his band, Sleeptalking


Identity, control and confidence in yourself. Me and Ben covered pretty much everything in this talk and honestly, it's my favourite yet! I've known of Coasts for a long time from playing in the same 'scene' around Bath and Bristol but I've never had the chance to sit down and get to know any of the guys, until now. Taking to Ben was refreshing, reflective and analytical. He's a really great guy and extremely comfortable with his own identity as himeself and as the drummer as Coasts.




Touring, promoters and a summer of festivals. I got to catch up with the wonderful Banfi while they were playing a sold out show in Bristol at the Lousiana. It was a great chat and although short, lovely to see and talk to the guys about the tour so far. This was six days in and they were extremely excited to play Bristol as we found out during the interview that it had sold out! Fantastic band, fantastic guys. Enjoy the talk!


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