Is the industry set up wrong and should you steal your sister's guitar lessons? This week I talk with Smudge from Fossette, we discuss the industry, D...View Details

This is not a drill! You never think it will happen to you... until it does. My hard drive on my mac and my external back both collapsed in on themsel...View Details

It's something that has always bugged me and I wanted to try something a little different. Some people hate bands that leave after they play and some ...View Details

Mindset, work ethic and gigging. This week I talk to Soham De about the drive needed to enable yourself to improve your live performance. We talked fo...View Details

Recording, Control and being self-sufficient. This week I talk music and production with Josh from Phoxjaw. Josh is a poducer, recording other artists...View Details

This week I bring you tips on how to get more out of your home recordings! It's a short episode but packed with some of my own personal tips and trick...View Details

Crowdfunding, organizing ideas, and being an independent artist. Laura (She Makes War) is not only a joy to work with but also has a wealth of experie...View Details

Working a day job, anxiety and ego. This week I chat with Kier Kemp (ex Fearless Vampire Killers) from Inklings. I've never met Kier before, we actual...View Details

Band Relationships, discover, and not settling for the 'norm'. This week I talk to Kieran Ball, bassist of Diving Bell. Kieran and I have known eachot...View Details

Live performance can be challenging, from fighting nerves to playing high pressure gigs - it's easy to feel like you're not ready or that you're not g...View Details

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