Being 'kicked out' of a band you started. It seems harsh right? well, that's because it is! Me and Crayg talk about exactly that along with the fear o...View Details

Leaving the spotlight to pursue songwriting. This weekI'm chatting with Lauren Aquilina about her decision to move away from centre stage and continue...View Details

Identity, process and not being able to separate yourself when using your real name as a 'stage name'. This episode is exciting! I got to talk to one ...View Details

2017 gave us so many incredible artists and albums, I wanted to put together a List of my top albums of last year along with who I'm most looking forw...View Details

It happens to everyone. Even if you're not a musician, when you're creating something, at some point it feels like your brain has given up. It Hitting...View Details

Personal issues and giving up on 'the dream'. This weak my friend Nick interviews ME! It's not as bad as it sounds though! we talk about what it means...View Details

How to navigate music as a new artist. This week I talk to Elter about music and how to know what you should and shouldn't be doing when it comes to l...View Details

Criticism, storytelling and finding your sound, this week I talk with Meadowlark about being a musician and the challenges it entails from making cho...View Details

How to be an artist and being your own band. Ethan has spent his life making music and is a booking agent at Midnight Mango. We discuss music and how ...View Details

The truth about touring, good and bad and pay-to-play. I talk with Deaf Havana about being on the road at the start of their tour, supported by Black ...View Details

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