Building on what was there before and doing things for the right reason. Rory and I go back a way, around 7 or 8 years actually. He is an incredibly t...View Details

Co-writing, confidence and being creative. Luke is from a different world to me and travels the world writing with other artists and producers. We tal...View Details

Experience and confidence, me and Robin talk about how he fell in love with music production and how went about learning how to play and record songs....View Details

Discovery, identity and the music press. Me and Lee talk about becoming the character that's presented to you, how that can be destructive both perosn...View Details

Loss, Life and humanity. I talk to Joe from IDLES about what it means to be honest and have a human connection with his audience and how to stay in a ...View Details

Finding your niche, changing things up and being invited to play Glastonbury Festival at the request of Michael Eavis. Me and Rhys go way back and we ...View Details

Identity, control and confidence in yourself. Me and Ben covered pretty much everything in this talk and honestly, it's my favourite yet! I've known o...View Details

Touring, promoters and a summer of festivals. I got to catch up with the wonderful Banfi while they were playing a sold out show in Bristol at the Lou...View Details

Business Vs Artistry, writing and choosing music over university. I speak with Sarah aka Bryde, an incredible singer songwriter with a world of musica...View Details

Balancing family life, illustration and making music. I talk with Morgan Taylor, about his Grammy nominated creation, Gustafer Yellowgold. It was prob...View Details

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